Meet Liv


Liv Sevciuc, Tax Administrator

Liv Sevciuc, Tax Administrator here at Stauffer & Associates. She is a self-motivated and organized individual who was born in Romania and continued to live there for eight years. Her strong work ethic and quick wit led her to achieve her AA in accounting before even graduating high school.

Currently, Liv serves as a tax administrator at Stauffer & Associates, where she brings her expertise and passion for numbers to the table. Liv is not only intelligent and well-versed in accounting, but she is also a determined individual who is always ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.

Outside of work, Liv is a newly engaged individual who is supported by her loving family. She enjoys exploring new coffee shops, traveling to different destinations, and documenting her adventures on Instagram. Her thirst for new experiences and love for life make her a joy to be around. With Liv on your side, you can be sure that any battle that comes your way will be fought and won with precision and determination.