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The Stauffer team talks about what it’s like to work with Sam Mansour, CPA.

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Audit Prep

As auditors we understand the burden many clients face when preparing for their annual audit. We also understand exactly what auditors look for and what they expect. When providing audit prep services our goals are as follows:

  • Reduce or eliminate audit findings
  • Work within our client’s environment and time constraints to reduce the audit’s impact
  • Identify and communicate areas for improvement

For additional information, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact our office today. One of our Audit Partners would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Training & Seminars

In addition to helping get your accounting and financial systems in order, we also strive to train your staff to allow them to provide better accounting and financial reporting services for you.

We strive to make our training as interactive and “hands on” as possible. Most of our training sessions include “real world” exercises and projects. Our goal is to make our training programs as pertinent and applicable to real world issues as possible. In addition to the periodic training we schedule throughout the year, our trainers are available to provide classes on your site and on your schedule. These on-site programs allow your staff to address their specific problems in a comfortable, interactive, and private setting.

We can also work with you to develop a specific multi-class training plan which can be provided to you over a series of weeks or months. This program provides comprehensive training, on subjects of your choice, over an extended period to allow your staff to learn and use the tools and training we provide and then build upon these skills with additional sessions. It also allows our trainers to address issues which have come to light since the last session.

Internal Audit and Policy Development

As Tribal governments are more self-sufficient, the internal audit function becomes more important for their operations. Evaluating the risks within the organization to determine where improvements are most necessary is an essential activity of this department. The internal audit department makes efficiency and effectiveness its goal. Since Tribal Organizations are funded significantly with federal funds, it is imperative that the internal controls over these programs function properly and comply with the applicable regulations. The internal audit department can determine if these compliance requirements are being met for each of the federally funded programs.

We can assist with the establishment of the internal audit department, writing policies and procedures, and audit programs. In some situations, we have assisted our clients with specific projects, such as examining the cash receipts activities of specific programs, decentralized entities and enterprises. We work with all personnel involved in the function examined to ensure that the recommended changes include their input. This gives those involved a vested interest in the success of the Tribe’s operations.

Internal audit departments can also assist the Governing Body in answering their questions about any program or department. As we all know, there are situations that arise in which an impartial examination of specific activities arise. The Governing Body needs somewhere to turn in order to investigate the situation. Obtaining an impartial and factual examination is imperative for the Governing Body to make informed decisions. We have provided several examinations for the Governing Body’s of our clients that included possible theft inquiries to evaluating the internal controls over gaming operations. We enjoy assisting our clients in becoming successful in all of their pursuits.

Did You Know?

We leave a draft of the financial statements before we leave the field.