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We’re here to do all the tough lifting (your tax planning and compliance)—but we enjoy it and hope to make domestic, state, and local tax planning and compliance the opposite of intimidating. Stauffer & Associates, PLLC’s seasoned tax staff will work through complexities for you, working on opportunities and minimizing risk. Stauffer & Associates revolves around planning for your current and future needs.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Preparing and filing your annual tax returns (business or personal) are one of the most basic requirements we have to do for tax compliance, but “basic” doesn’t mean “it’s a simple process.” In fact, tax laws change and multiply every year, complicating an already cumbersome process. Leave it to our professionals at Stauffer & Associates, PLLC, who can help you with issues such as:

  • Multistate income and franchise, nexus, and sales tax issues
  • Washington B&O tax planning
  • Related party transaction planning
  • Executive compensation
  • Merger and acquisition issues
  • Entity structuring
  • Tax accounting method options

Federal Tax

Did your business decisions affect your federal tax liability? Can you address your federal tax issues proactively? How can these new developments affect your existing tax structure? Come visit with your Stauffer & Associates, PLLC federal tax experts to find a solution. Our federal tax service areas include:

  • Business start-up issues and entity selection
  • Consulting on federal tax matters for S and C corporations, partnerships/LLCs and their owners
  • Succession planning for business transitions
  • Planning for business purchase and sales
  • Tax accounting method choices
  • Due diligence and tax consulting for acquisition or sale of business
  • Audit defense and appeals representation
  • Net operating loss carryback
  • Tax credit maximization

Estate and Gift Tax

Estate planning can be an emotional process with many. There are so many factors to consider for families and individuals. The true objective in estate planning is providing for a spouse, children or charities, taking these step today will ensure your heirs are well taken care of into the future. Working with Stauffer & Associates, PLLC professionals in estate planning we concentrate on a wide variety of issues and focus on minimizing estate taxes.

Estate planning takes place over a period of time and should be periodically reviewed. We want to make sure it continues to meet your goals and circumstances. If no planning was done we try to first work with you to determine your goals and objectives. We analyze the potential estate taxes. To satisfy your goals and objectives we gather family and financial data for several scenarios. We can then compare those scenarios with the “no-planning” option showing the value of estate planning.

Among the tools and techniques we use in estate planning are gifting programs, credit shelter trusts, family limited partnerships and trust return. Look to the professionals at Stauffer & Associates, PLLC for your estate plan to minimize your estate taxes.

Did You Know?

We provide more services than just basic tax, such as accounting and payroll solutions.